WOW! Never thought Atlus could make SUCH a great game. Well i knew Cave does :) Grafix alone are worth the price. Sound fits perfectly into this shooters SF-setting. U fly with one of three heroes to annihilate everything that comes in sight. Every hero has different shots and bombshots, as well as a different story and ending-sequence (which are very well done!). Depending which hero u choose levels change order of appearance.

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What makes this fine shooter different is the "bomb" button. There actually is no bomb, but a second, stronger also more shortranged shot. If u kill enemies with this "bomb"-shot they will drop golden symbols.
Also u have some kind of energy shield that lets u throw back enemy shots, while using up ur Shield-meter the longer u use this shield. U can reload shieldpower by collecting a given amount of golden symbols the enemies let go if u hit them with ur "bomb"-shot (see above).
Once u reach eg 200 golden symbols the golden-symbol counter begins to run backwards till it reaches zero. Shoot the enemies in that time with ur "bomb"-shot and they will drop green "Shield-power-up" symbols, refreshing ur shield-meter.

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Endbosses are one of the best ive seen. Final endboss is phantasticly animated and a big challenge.
Youll never be able to catch ur breath cause screen is mostly filled with enemy shots. Sounds hard? Unfair? Impossible?
It is NOT!!! Dont ask me why but this shooter is always fair.
Buy it when u have the chance and also check out Guwange!

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